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What a difference a bag makes

After parking my car last night, I swung my bag across my body and began walking back to my apartment. As I saw my shadow on the sidewalk, I realized a mere four years ago it wasn’t a diaper bag, but a dance bag that crossed my body as I walked home from dance class in NYC.  I wasn’t a mom, married or even engaged.

How had this happened…..when did I exchange 90 minutes dance classes for 90 minutes morning naps.  Or diapers for dance shoes?  While most days I can barely get my hair up and a pile involves picking up a 7 month old, I try to keep dance in my life where ever I can.  For example, this summer I went to Chicago Summer Dance, where my husband humored me by taking the swing dance lesson out at Grant Park. And all THREE of us rocked it out!  Yes all THREE, we put my little princess in a baby carrier and she danced along with us.  I refuse to let motherhood, marriage or life dampen the flames of passion dance has brought my life.

So if you had a passion before you were married, a mom, or just less busy, don’t let the flames of your passion be extinguished.  Find a way to keep your passions alive, whether it’s taking a class, going to the opera, reading a novel or painting a picture of the fall landscape.  Your passions are a part of what makes you unique, so even though your “bags” may change know your passions can still go on.




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