Me Notes

Another Day, Another Year

Each year I agonize over whether or whether not to celebrate the coming and going of another year. I’m not talking about New Year’s Eve (although I do go back and forth on that one too) but my birthday. And this year was no exception. I have always struggled with the timing of my birthday (being born in December is always full of “oooohhhh can’t make your party I have a Christmas thing to go to” or “oooohhhh I’m a little tight on funds with Christmas and all”) so I have never been one to have big extravagant birthday celebrations. And this year was much of the same,. except it was one of my best birthdays yet! Why you may ask? Did I get jewelry that would help me to “shine bright like a diamond” no. Was a car dropped off with a bow like those notorious Lexus commercials at Christmas? No. It was a simple dinner out for sushi with my husband and new baby girl and topped off with at birthday dessert of fried green tea ice cream. Not a flashy night in Vegas partying until dawn, but I was surrounded by the loves of my life and my favorite food. Really what could be better than that? Oh, and did I mention the wine?!?!? Wine, wine makes all events better! Kidding (not really, but seriously kidding, no serious wine is good, great use of old grapes.)

Which leads me to contemplate why we struggle with celebrating our self each year? Why is the passing of another year a thing that so many people dread? Is it the reality of getting older (I choose to think that each little wrinkle is an indication of a life well lived, not just another year passing.) Or is it that another year has gone by and we may not be where we thought we would be at “x” age (i.e., I’ll be making 6 figures by the time I’m 30 – instead we have over 6 figures in loans from med school, but who’s counting LOL!)

Whatever the reason, I personally feel that birthdays are awesome (although it took me a while to get here) and that each person should be celebrated on their day of birth.

Do you celebrate your b-day? If so what has been your favorite way to celebrate? If you don’t why not?

Until next time (which by 2013 should be on a daily basis) celebrate you – you’re the only you – you got!


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