Mommy Notes


It only took me 9 months, 12 days and 13 1/2 hours to do it, but I finally caved.  And there in lies my DLS – (my dirty little secret, not Darling Little Saint – I know that’s what you were thinkging ;0)  I let my 9 month, 12 days and 13.5 hour old daughter watch a Baby Einstein video on youtube while I took a shower to wash out my hair dye (yikes I guess there’s my other dirty little secret!)  Ahh, I feel just a little bit better saying it out loud, (well typing it out loud anyways.)

This is something I SWORE (warning to all parents to be – what ever you SWEAR you won’t do you most likely will in the first year) that I would NOT do.   I WOULD NOT let the TV (ok computer, but we’re splitting hairs here people!) watch my child until she was older, like 15 or something.  But she isn’t, she’s just 9 months!  Oh I am so weak!  And I know that Baby Einstein isn’t any different than letting her watch “Days of our Lives” but it makes it SEEM like she’s being educated in all this.  But here’s the worst part, I hate to admit – (*note this is the dirty part*) – I LOVED IT!  I LOVED being able to go in the shower, close my eyes and wash my face (for more than 5 seconds without worrying was she still in the bathroom? Or saying “no sweety, don’t take the toilet paper” or “no, no, no don’t lick the toilet!”)  It was sheer bliss, and I’m seriously contemplating doing this once a week (or at least a month) I consider it a *free* spa treatment!

But if you are feeling the holiday spirit and feel led to send me a spa treatment –  by all means…..message me =)

So there it is my dirty little secret.  For my moms out there, hopefully this makes you feel a little bit better about your own DLS (feel free to share – it makes all of us feel better ;0)  And for my readers who aren’t moms at this point in your life, to you I say, “ENJOY every shower, don’t rush them, soak them in for all their worth!  Stay in until the water runs cold.  For one day you to will step in for a quick 2 minute one and wonder where those precious moments of bliss disappeared.”   And if you DOOOOO decide to set your precious LO (little one) infront of the computer/tablet/TV take comfort that your DLS will be safe with me!


2 thoughts on “My DLS

  1. At least 70% of the time my daughter is in the bottom of the tub crawling about while I shower so I can at least grab her when she tries to make trouble. I would love to let her watch something on tv to distract her for a bit of me time but she isn’t having it. If it’s working and you are happy with it it’s what’s best for the both of you right now. 20 minutes won’t turn her into a zombie. When I get to do a proper shower like that the Beauty and the Beast song ‘Human Again’ is playing in my head btw way lol (that;s my DLS).

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