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Not So Shiny & New

SOS! – That’s what my BlackBerry kept flashing in my apartment.   And after hours and hours of research aka google searching, I deduced (word of the day people) that it was not working because of 1 of 3 things: 1) it was 3 years old 2) my daughter has used it as a teething ring a time or two or 3) it was receiving calls on *gasp* 2g!!!!  I know, I know, whose phone doesn’t operate on AT LEAST 3g, but we’re on a tight med school budget and I HEART my BlackBerry, so why not save a few bucks and use it.  Oh did I mention that my husband ALSO somehow lost his phone in the 15 feet from the parking spot on the street in front of our apartment to our apartment – ok so we know someone stole it, but still HOUSTON WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM – no way to call out of the apartment for almost 5 days!!!!  This is where my Dad would say “if you had a home phone you wouldn’t have to worry about this” but seriously, what are the chances that we would have BOTH cell phones go down at the same time!  SO we decided just to be safe we’d get our baby girl a phone as back up.  Now before you start writing your comment to me I’m JUST KIDDING of course we’re going to wait.  Who knows what kind of phone she’s going to want in Kindergarten!  JK, but serious, no kidding, but kinda serious 😉

So off I went to look for a new phone and let me tell you, quite a few things have changed since the last I looked for a speaking device (I feel like my grandma shopping for a phone – “you know back in my day….blah, blah, blah”) like the fact that the only functioning, non grandma (read LARGE PRINT) phones are smart phones – and I didn’t want data (I know, who doesn’t want data, but with a little baby who uses phones as teethers I didn’t want to shell out $500+ every 6 months).  What was I going to do?  Again after hours of searching forums I discover that you can buy a prepaid phone and insert your old SIM card and just turn the data off.  Sweet my problem is solved, I go to the store to see what the phone “feels” like, I still want look like one of those “cool moms” with it.  And there it was…..a sleek little number that didn’t have a keyboard and was totally touch screen – Yay!!! It was like my BB Bold but newer and shinier and what could be better than that.  SO I go home order it off Amazon (had great reviews, everyone said their “daughter loved it” SWEET 13 yr olds and I have the same taste) with some awesome flower cases in my cart I pushed “purchase” and waited for it to arrive.

Fast forward 5 days and there it was waiting for me in that smiley face Amazon box and I couldn’t wait to use it (no phone in my apartment in Chicago during the winter meant talking to NO ONE).  I opened and loved it (getting a tween phone can make you feel so young again) and popped in my SIM card and began trying to get everything loaded and going.  Much to my surprise it was easy to use – only down side was my fancy, shmancy cases hadn’t arrived, but I had to have a phone, so I used it for a few days without a case.  Wouldn’t you know I dropped that sucker 3 times before putting the case on and scratched my shiny new phone.

Instantly I was totally bummed!!!  My shiny new toy was not so shiny any more and it got me thinking.  Why do we care if the things we buy stay shiny and new?  Why does it matter to me that my handbags look like it’s the first time I’ve ever used it?  And why do scuffs and scratches make things less valuable?

Those scratches show a life well lived.  That scratch on my phone was from a shopping trip to go and buy my baby girl diapers.  There’s a scratch on a handbag from a lunch with my best friend where we laughed until we cried,  and the other scratches are from the many trips on the subway going to museums in NYC, Broadway shows, brunches with friends and my first date with my husband.

This got me thinking about my own “scratches”.  The wrinkles around my eyes are from decades of laughter with family and friends, the mole on my lip is from my time in the sun while living in Dominica, my squishy stomach is a reminder that just last year my skin was stretched beyond my own comprehension as it covered the unborn life growing inside of me.  My dings, scratches, and scrapes don’t detract from my value, but they are what MAKES me valuable, what makes me unique and one of a kind.

So the next time you scratch something and its no longer shiny and new remember that it’s just another part of the story and that the scratch doesn’t devalue it, it shows it’s part of a life well lived.


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