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Don’t eat the s*%# off the floor!

Seriously!?!?!? Now I know we all KNOW not to eat food (or really anything) off the floor, but I didn’t expect it to be called “s*%#” at a playgroup!  That’s right, here I am sitting with my daughter at the ——- ——- today playing with my daughter and the little baby dolls, (one with a vagina and one with a penis, but that’s for another post at another time) and some nut shells strewn together that oddly make a great musical and teething instrument, in the babies/toddler area having a great time.  There are other moms there with their little ones and moms are talking with each other about the wondrous moments of being a mom (just kidding, we more likely are talking about how we cleaned up poop that seemed to reach astronomical proportions in relation to the amount of food a 10 month old baby in actuality eats.) When all of a sudden a mom turns to her little toddler and yells “Don’t eat the s*%# off the floor!”  I instantly look up and smile at the mom why? Because I was absolutely dumbfounded that someone would say that at a place for kids, let alone one sectioned off for wee babes under 5!  But I smiled because it was awkward and I didn’t want her to think I was “judging her” but in reality, I’m a little pissed off myself.

It’s fine for you to say whatever you want to your child (ok not really, but that’s a completely different post for another time), but you don’t have the right to be saying curse words in front of my child (OMG did I really just type “curse words” we DO turn into our moms! OMG did I really just type OMG like I’m 15!!!)

I try to think I’m pretty cool when it comes to certain four letter words, let’s be real, ask anyone who knew my from the ages of 15 – 22 and they can tell you I’ve uttered more than a few, more than once.  But as with most things in my life, it appeared to be something that was a season.  So with that I am hoping that this is just a “season” for this mom.  But a bigger question I have is what to do when MY DAUGHTER is old enough to know what that word is and will ask me why that lady said “s*%#” or worse say “s*%#” herself?

SO to all the moms/dads/nannies/etc. out there how do you handle situations when the language may be getting out of hand at a playdate?


One thought on “Don’t eat the s*%# off the floor!

  1. As our Sunday School teacher tells us, that that kind of language is for Jr. High. Once you grow up, you put away childish things. Unfortunately, there is little respect for others and others people’s sensibilities anymore. People think it is their right to say whatever they like in any situation. There is no shame anymore, and that is probably not a good thing. I think it is honorable (and your Christian duty as a parent) to defend your child and shield them from bad influences. This is why they have ratings for movies and television shows. Maybe you could give the cursing mommy an “R” rating and let her know that she is not someone that you would feel comfortable with your child being around until she’s 17. 🙂

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