Mommy Notes

My dolly has a…

WTF?!?!  I know, I know those where my same exact thoughts!!!!  Here I am at ———- ———– children’s place with my daughter and we are in the baby/toddler section – which is awesome because it keeps her little crawling hands safe from the bigger kids who are able to walk and run around.  There were lots of great little stations for her to explore and explore she did!  Finally we arrived to the section with the baby dolls.  Now I live in a big diverse city, so I was happy to see baby dolls in several colors boys and girls (I am all about representing cultures, but must note there wasn’t one “white” baby doll at all  and there are white people in this city too!)  “HOW WOULD I  KNOW THE DOLL WAS A BOY OR A GIRL?” you ask. Was it the clothing?  No, they either had on a little white t-shirt or nothing.  No, no it was much easier than that….all I had to do was look between the little dolly legs!  That’s right, each baby doll was anatomically correct, right down to the penis with the testes (as I like to call them) and the slit for the little girls vjay jay (it’s really hard to believe my husband’s in medical school when I use words like vjay jay right?)  Why oh why does a baby doll have a penis?  I was so disturbed by this….not because my little 10 month old is being exposed to a penis, but because she was sucking on the dolls toes, hands, etc..  And let’s be real…NO ONE wants to see their little girl giving their baby doll a “happy ending” or as my sister would say “servicing him with her mouth.”

I know these dolls can be used for therapy sessions with children and I am sure that they do a lot of good when used in that fashion.  But I cannot for the life of me find a reason why they need to be at a children’s museum!  Next time, just get dolls that have little Superman or Spiderman underoos painted on and little girls with Dora or Wonderwoman undies and call it a day!

Wonder what’s in the big kid sections?


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