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Calling Out Sick (aka No.Sleep.Til…..)

Remember the days when you used to call out sick to work for tiny little things like: you didn’t hear you alarm and overslept, you wanted to go see an exhibit at the museum, or for some of you, maybe you had a little too much wine the night before? (ok maybe I was the only one who ever had a day they didn’t want to work, and was not ACTUALLY sick but I digress.)

Well all that changed when I got married and even more so when I became a mom (at least when I got married I didn’t have to be “on” as a wife when the hubby wasn’t at home (he worked nights when we first got married)- for those w/o kiddos there are no “off” moments when you are a  mom, unless the kiddos are in bed and you’re having some of your favorite vino, but even then you’re still “on-call” if someone wakes up or needs some water!)

Yesterday though I wanted to call out sick, more than any other day in my life!!!!  Why?  I was sick with the flu (stomach flu, not the thing you get shots for, which sad to say until recently I thought the stomach flu WAS the thing you got shots for – are you seeing why I am not the one pursing med school…) and could barely move to bring my daughter/carseat/stroller combo up the stairs to our apartment after our morning walk.  Now this most certainly wasn’t the first time I have been sick with my little princess, but somehow they all magically fell on weekend days, so I was able to hand her off to my amazing husband to watch while I curled up and slept all day.

But WHAT was I to do now….it was just me, an achy body, nausea, and a 10 month old that only wanted to play with mommy!  (I swear my daughter is super in tune when I am sick and always wants to hang out only with mommy at those times.)  We began what I can only call a sad, sad, substitute for responsible child watching – I mean the daycares where they put children in a crib the whole time, was starting to look like a viable option for me to get through my day (did I mention I had a fever as well – not my clearest day for thinking either).  We started off with nursing in our bed, which usually is not the worst default as my little peanut will fall asleep allowing mommy to take a much needed nap as well.  But as all things with babies, it didn’t go down like that so no nap, but baby got to eat (and that’s really whats most important right?) Which lead to trying to set up games in our bed so I could at least lay down.  Games like: play with baby doll in the bed, play with the laundry basket, play laundry basket as a drum and whatever else my delusional mind could concoct at the time.

Lastly, I tried to play You-Tube videos on my phone, which went well until my daughter decided SHE wanted to hold the phone, which somehow I thought was a great idea, until she started to put it in her mouth (which you will remember landed me here.) So after taking the phone away, my precious little peanut had a complete DEFCON 5 meltdown!!! So we moved back out the living room, where I frantically looked for the one and only DVD we had of baby einstein (I know I know, but this wasn’t the first time or the last I am sure.)  Honestly I felt like I was trapped in an “I LOVE LUCY” episode where everything that I tried failed.  I had no way to occupy my daughter’s attention so that I could “rest my eyes” (aka take a mini nap – I KNOW I’m not the only one who has done this!)  I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open but they just wanted to stay shut!!!  And every time I opened them, I swear my daughter had magical powers that were transporting her to various places around the living room to get into things.

But finally afternoon nap time arrived (yes I realize a lunch was missed, but seriously we’ve all missed a lunch or two and no one died) and I brought her to the couch to nurse to sleep and finally NIRVANA (no not the band) I was finally able to fall asleep!!!  Oh and baby girl did too!

And then I woke up and had no baby in front of me!?!?!?! WHAT happened, where was she, was she into something?  A thousand and one things went flying through my head as I called out her name.  And then from the bedroom I hear “honey I’ve got her!”

Somehow in my flu induced coma I didn’t even realize my husband was home (although I dreamt he came through the front door.)  But awesome as he his, he came out told me to go lay down and that he had her.  AHHHHH that moment of relief when you know you can just go back to bed (the same one you get when you call out sick, hit the snooze and sleep til noon!)  It was awesome and amazing, and when I work up 5 hours later, I came out to find my little peanut in pjs, fed, bathed and drinking her bedtime bottle.

I gotta say ladies, good men are hard to find and GREAT men even harder, but waiting for them it worth their weight in gold!  Thank you babe for all you do and for letting me “Call out sick” – Love you!


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