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How valuable are your opinions?

Today for what had be the the fifth time, Kohls asked me for my opinion on my recent purchase (ok these were from Black Friday 2012, but apparently “recent” is a relative term.)  I HATE strongly dislike (my mom told me to never “hate” anyone or anyhing.)  I get it, they want to know my thoughts on their store, how my shopping experience was and what I would do better, blah, blah blah.  Honestly the thing that gets me the most is that they want me to go through all of these questions “free of charge” aka complete survey for free, yet they claim “your thoughts are vary valuable to us.

How is that possible?  If my thoughts are so valuable to you Mr. Retail Store X, why not show me so with a little 5% or 10% off my next item or better yet purchase (realistically this would barely cover tax here in Chicago, but still it’s the thought that counts right?)

Having double majored in Marketing and Information Systems Management (what techie and extroverted?!?!) I know department stores have marketing departments that pay data collectors big bucks for information about their clientele, so why should I give it to them for free AND pay for the purchase too!  I say put your $$$ (or % off) where you mouth is and show me how much you REALLY VALUE my opinion!

Ok, I’m feel better, but I swear if I open my email tomorrow to find another “Would you like to tell us about your recent shopping experience at…..” I may just loose it people!!!!

To my readers out there – do you do these “free” surveys and if so were they helpful? (if you answer i’ll give you 20% off my next post LOL!)


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