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Unexpected Detours

First off I apologize for not blogging my 2013 goal of 3 times a week for the past two weeks, but we have had a rash of “unexpected detours” in our life: with a first 102 fever (baby girl), ear infection (baby girl), flu (me) and head cold (daddy) we’ve been more of a hospital than a home, but we’re all back and healthy!

Oddly enough I am writing to you in the midst of an “Unexpected Detour” of my own as I sit in a seat on a Megabus headed to see my new niece hopefully (sis is 5 days late) and we are sitting on the side of the road.  Unexpected Detour #4 on this trip.  #1 came before the bus ever even arrived, we were supposed to leave at 9:45 but the bus didn’t even arrive at the bus stop until that time.  Oh well, baby girl and I (yes I may officially have pushed the envelop on this one folks) will get more time to sleep through the night and my mom won’t have to pick us up a 6 am!  That’s what I like to call lemonade (from the small batch of lemons I just got)  #2 came when the driver started two-way chatting with home base, no one else on the bus (including the other driver) seemed to notice, but when you overhear things like “check the oil pressure” and “what does the temp read” you can’t help but get a little worried.  So after saying a quick prayer of “Please don’t let us die on this bus!” I decided that it would be best to stay awake the rest of the trip and just sleep at a different point in my life.  Hard to believe but #3 came quickly after as the large massive ice and snow started to appear on the buses windshield.  I was impressed with how well the driver navigated through the freeways and got us safely to our last rest stop at 3:15 am. More lemons are now being added to the mix as I realize not only will we NOT be arriving at 6, but 8 am is looking slim too. However Unexpected Detour #5 has crept upon us  shortly after leaving the rest stop just 30 minutes ago.  As the bus hurdles into Storm Q  I see massive flakes of snow in ginormous quantities hurling themselves toward the front of the bus in a desperate attempt to slow it down or perhaps cover it completely. (I believe this is where traffic people say things like “Visibility is at 20% avoid driving if at all possible”) This is when our driver said “F#$& it!!!” and abruptly pulled the bus over, popped out and cleaning off the wiper blades.  This is also the point when baby girl wakes up and says “hi” and is wide awake as if she has slept for the past 12 hours instead of only the past 6.5.)  Finding things for an 11 month old trapped in a car seat was not on my agenda for tonight…envelop has been pushed!) We mssay very well go through an ENTIRE bag of veggie/fruit melts – NO JUDGEMENT PEOPLE!!!!

With this latest development, it has solidified that I will not sleep until we roll safely to our final destination and are in Grandmas car heading hopefully to the hospital to meet my newest niece!  (even if I did manage to fall asleep, the driving occasionally hitting those little bumps on the shoulder of the road will make sure I’m alert and wide AWAKE! – THANK YOU MISTER DRIVER!!!!)

However, these detours, while a little bit annoying and trying (getting baby girl out of the car seat as soon as possible is a top priority), it allowed me a chance to get to know the people sitting around me and the drivers as well.  Like Sylvia, who is sitting across from me (who began singing at 4:15 am, but who I couldn’t get mad at because she gave a towel to the drivers to they could keep the windshield clean and keep us from landing in a ditch) she also helped the driver by wiping the windshield herself!  Or the driver who played loud rap music and then switched to R Kelly for the first four hours of the trip….who doesn’t like to hear “I wanna lick you all over” when  your on a trip with your baby?  Or the two mothers and seven kids that obviously had their hands WAY more full than me.  Or the man who, according to numerous people on the bus “could use some target practice” (disclaimer, while it is not known who this exact traveler is we can safely assume it’s a man, based on the a fore mentioned “target practice” comment.)  These are people I never would have met without these detours because I like most people in the middle of the night, would be sleeping.


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