Me Notes

Sometime Fashion Hurts….

Ah, it is almost spring…..(What you say, spring started LAST MONTH!?!?! tell that to Chicago).  And with spring comes new fashion, shoes, handbags and must-haves galore!  What’s a girl to do…….

Well, if you’re me, (and it hurts me even as I type this) you’ll do nothing, that’s right, nada, nunca, neitz (sorry got stuck on n’s there…not even sure what the last word means).  That’s because for the next five seasons (spring 13′ through spring 14′) I am on a hiatus from buying any new clothes!!!!

WHAT?!?! WHY!?!? Why would any woman go through pain like that?  What’s that they say…No pain, no gain!  And staying away from fashion purchases for the next year and a half is going to bring a little pain to this fashionista!

How did I even get here you may ask?  Well, the past three years my husband has been in medical school, and while I worked during the first two years, we lived on a Caribbean island, so I wore the same season of clothes all year round, (nice on the wallet for sure.)  But like all good things, it had to come to an end, so in fall of 2011 we moved back to the US for his final two years and have lived in Michigan, New Jersey and Chicago, with future stops in Michigan and North Carolina (and hopefully somewhere in Africa).  I had beautiful clothes from living in NYC for years so I thought I would be fine without anything new for a few years.  That plan was foiled when I ended up being pregnant for a chunk of time, and since the move to Chicago I’ve been rockin a post baby body that just won’t quit!

For those who’ve never pushed a baby out of your body, post baby body is your old body (that one you worked so hard to maintain) with a new found squishiness to your middle that closely resembles pizza dough or the Pillsbury Doughboy, who may have been onto something just wearing a blue scarf, it’s simple and chic!   And while most women will deal with post baby body, you will run into moms who say, “I fit into my old jeans 3 weeks after baby X was born” but they are freaks of nature and to be ignored*

So since moving to Chicago I’ve been surviving on the clothes I brought with me, with about 10 items purchased here (all totaling no more than $100). I have done well with this, but since our winter has lasted longer than my last four winters combined, I am more than done with wearing the same 5 to 10 combo mixes (you know, shirt A with pants B&C, shirt B with pants A, C, D etc.).   I am ready for spring and want to  jump into one of those darling maxi dresses I see on the seven thousand fashion emails I get.  Ah fashion, why do you hurt so good?  The pain of seeing email after email flaunting clothes I know I can’t have.  It’s like dieting and getting emails from Godiva Chocolates, Fogo de Chao, McDonalds (you know you crave it) and every other yummy place.

But all is not lost, while this hiatus has been painful, the returns are worth it.  I am learning to re-purpose many of the items I already have, and just to show that I am also not totally crazy, I am budgeting a small amount ($10) each month to check out the local thrift stores.   SO stay tuned to see how I take these lemons and make some fashionable lemonade!

I would love to hear how you have overcome and made lemonade out of some of the lemons in your life – they need not be fashion related, but I know I am always encouraged when I see how others have taken a bad/tough situation and made the most of it.


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