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Have you ever had something happen so perfectly it was as if it was meant to be? Well that exact thing happened to me right as the new year was about to begin.

First, was my last post really THREE years ago?  Thank you to those that didn’t unfollow me, but trusted more would come one day. Second, flashback to the beginning of 2014: I was dealing with my father’s death, about to find out I was pregnant with #2 and my brother in law Chris, (who has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for the past 3 years) was getting worse. Lastly, highlights of 2014-2016: 1st Tough Mudder in Vegas (17 wks pregnant), whole family in a Disney World Wedding, moved the family to Detroit for Dr.H’s intern year, my dear friend Anna died of cancer, had #2 via C-section for placenta previa, Chris was at the 2 months to live mark, Chris passed away, moved the family to Chapel Hill NC for Dr.H residency in radiology, looked and looked and looked for a house (nada), #1 started the world of preschool, Dr.H began working more night call, found a house, moved into said house and almost settled (almost). Needless to say, the past few years were complicated and robust. Alas my blogging got pushed aside waiting for the right moment to be resurrected.


Back to the title of this post…..timing.  After moving into our very first house this past November, I finally had gotten enough done to start really focusing on me. I turn 40 in 2017 and my professional journey has not gone the way I envisioned. I was determined to make 2017 the year of me – focusing on me, taking time out for me, setting goals for me.  To others who take care of others (especially those under 4 ft), this can sound selfish, but I’m always reminded…..


And so this past December, as I filmed the Christmas play, a few other kids were in the same frame as my daughter, so I offered to forward those mamas the link to the video and got email addresses. Fast forward two weeks when I finally cleared enough space on my Google drive to get the thing uploaded, I emailed out the link. In one mom’s reply I noticed a web address in her signature. Curious mama that I am, I clicked the link and lo and behold, this mama is a goal setting guru and author of “Make It Happen” Lara Casey. How I didn’t know this I have no idea, but I kid you not, her post that day was 2017 Goal Setting, Day 5“Make it Happen.” This was discovered right after I just got the best Christmas gift (in a while) from Dr.H – a morning in a coffee shop of my choosing alone for Christmas!  I had already planned to use the time to ponder what I wanted to do with myself (writing/blogging/photography), but now I had direction and guidance on how to clarify it and put it down on paper.  Write the vision – make it plain, people!

It has been a struggle over the past 5 or 6 years to really find myself in the midst of Dr. H pursing his medical degree and becoming a SAHM. This gentle nudge/reminder from above let me know “Yes, live life on purpose – take that first step.” Over the last four years, I had begun to think God didn’t hear me or speak to me anymore, and I doubted if what I had believed in for so long was even true. I was numb to the world and worse, stagnant in my life/marriage/parenting. Last March, I began a journey to be a better me (mom/wife/daughter/friend) and to explore my faith. Slowly, bit by bit, situation by situation, I began to see how timing was everything. Three years ago, I wasn’t ready to see if God was still real (the weight of grief was too much); two years ago, the house we bought wasn’t even on the market and renovated yet (which was something I thought I would do myself), and one year ago #2 was nursing 24/7 (like he was paid) there literally wasn’t a place I went without him.  But now I have time, time to focus on writing, on purpose, on planning again.  Timing, my friends, timing.

As I bring this new year’s post to a close, I want to encourage you it’s your time too! It’s never to late to start/set a goal.  My whole life I’ve been a goal setter and that mindset/skill was hard to transition into motherhood. I didn’t want my goals to be focused on my kids (baby says ABC’s by 10 months – just kidding.) Nor compare my goals to Dr.H, who had goals coming out the wazoo; med school, residency, board exam after board exam. He was oozing goals and accomplishments, while my biggest goal was to take a shower once a week and my latest accomplishment was holding #2 in such a manner that he missed his outfit when puked for the 4th time that day. So last spring I started small, I got my booty to the gym, and set some physical goals and you know what? I achieved some them! I LOVED the sense of accomplishment, and I longed to feel it again.  Jump to the end of 2016 and I was looking at Lara’s site ready to set a YEAR’S worth of goals for 2017.  And while meeting goals is important, I challenge you to focus on what’s really important and take steps big and small each day towards something.  I no longer choose to stand stagnant in my life but to MOVE and GROW in 2017! And that’s my wish for you…that you find your goal for 2017 and MOVE towards it.

Until next time remember – Every great journey begins with one step. – So get to steppin’!


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