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Three Little Words that Changed My Life Forever

My Dad Died Three little words, so simple, nothing fancy about them, but they have forever changed my life.  In the wee hours after Memorial Day last week, my father passed away.  He was finally at peace, and I believe with God to bask in the joys of heaven, never again to remember the pains… Continue reading Three Little Words that Changed My Life Forever

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Sometime Fashion Hurts….

Ah, it is almost spring…..(What you say, spring started LAST MONTH!?!?! tell that to Chicago).  And with spring comes new fashion, shoes, handbags and must-haves galore!  What’s a girl to do……. Well, if you’re me, (and it hurts me even as I type this) you’ll do nothing, that’s right, nada, nunca, neitz (sorry got stuck on n’s… Continue reading Sometime Fashion Hurts….

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Unexpected Detours

First off I apologize for not blogging my 2013 goal of 3 times a week for the past two weeks, but we have had a rash of “unexpected detours” in our life: with a first 102 fever (baby girl), ear infection (baby girl), flu (me) and head cold (daddy) we’ve been more of a hospital… Continue reading Unexpected Detours

Me Notes

How valuable are your opinions?

Today for what had be the the fifth time, Kohls asked me for my opinion on my recent purchase (ok these were from Black Friday 2012, but apparently “recent” is a relative term.)  I HATE strongly dislike (my mom told me to never “hate” anyone or anyhing.)  I get it, they want to know my thoughts on… Continue reading How valuable are your opinions?

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Calling Out Sick (aka No.Sleep.Til…..)

Remember the days when you used to call out sick to work for tiny little things like: you didn’t hear you alarm and overslept, you wanted to go see an exhibit at the museum, or for some of you, maybe you had a little too much wine the night before? (ok maybe I was the… Continue reading Calling Out Sick (aka No.Sleep.Til…..)

Mommy Notes

My dolly has a…

WTF?!?!  I know, I know those where my same exact thoughts!!!!  Here I am at ———- ———– children’s place with my daughter and we are in the baby/toddler section – which is awesome because it keeps her little crawling hands safe from the bigger kids who are able to walk and run around.  There were… Continue reading My dolly has a…

Mommy Notes

Don’t eat the s*%# off the floor!

Seriously!?!?!? Now I know we all KNOW not to eat food (or really anything) off the floor, but I didn’t expect it to be called “s*%#” at a playgroup!  That’s right, here I am sitting with my daughter at the ——- ——- today playing with my daughter and the little baby dolls, (one with a… Continue reading Don’t eat the s*%# off the floor!